Is laser therapy safe?


Laser therapy is completely safe. The FDA has classified low-level laser therapy devices as "non-significant risk medical devices." They pose no health risk to the client when protective eyewear is worn. Normal precautions should be followed like with any medical procedure.




1. What is the cost of the Stop Smoking Treatment?
Please contact us for our current pricing.


2. How many treatments do you need?
This is a two treatment process.  The 1st treatment should alleviate cravings once the treatment is performed.  We do offer a second treatment recommended approximately 24 hours later to help cement your success, which is included in the pricing of the first treatment. 


3. How long does the treatment last and when do you start feeling it?
The treatment takes about 12 to 15 minutes and most feel the effects of the laser immediately.


4. How do you feel once you are treated?
The treatment is very relaxing ridding you of anxiety and calming you to a point of relaxation.


5. Does insurance cover this?
We do not take insurance, but we would be happy to give you some information to submit along with your receipt to your insurance company. Some insurance companies will reimburse for the treatment under needleless acupressure or smoking cessation.


6. How does the laser work?
The light energy of the laser is absorbed by skin and cells and stimulate acupressure points. It triggers your body to go into a constant release of endorphins, which makes your body feel like it has just had a cigarette.


7. Where do you place the laser?
The laser is placed on various meridian and auricular points on the body around the ears, hands, wrists, legs, and feet.


8. How long does the feeling of not needing a cigarette last after the treatment?
For most people, the physical cravings are gone for good. You will still have the mental habits to break, but we give you some great tips on how to break those habits as well.


9. If I have a medical condition, can I still be treated?
If you are pregnant, have had a seizure within the last six months, we regret that we are not able to treat you at this time. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your doctor before being treated.


10. If I have a pacemaker, can I do this treatment?
We have had no problems with any clients that had a pacemaker, though we would suggest that you contact your doctor prior to being treated.


11. Is the treatment performed by a doctor?
No, it is performed by a certified laser technician.


12. I have never heard of this treatment, who else does this?
This treatment has been available in Europe and Canada for over 20 year.Laser Therapy Group is a proud member of a clinical research trial. Call to see if you qualify.


13. What do you accept for payment for the treatment?
All credit cards, debit cards, checks, or cash.


14. How far in advance do I have to schedule my appointment?
It depends on the location, so please call for scheduling information.


15. I usually smoke when I drink. After the treatment, will I still want to smoke?
We recommend that you avoid your alcohol intake for the first few days after the treatment. You may also want to avoid situations that trigger old smoking habits for a few days. You should limit your caffeine intake for the first few days as well.