Studies show that the average age of first time smokers is 14 years old. Nearly 75% of teen smokers are still smoking 5-6 years after their first cigarette. Each day in the United States, a minimum of 3,000 young people from 11-20 become regular smokers; 2,00 of them are under age 18.


Think smoking has fallen out of fashion? Think kids today have reaped the benefits of anti-smoking advertising and legislation? Think again. The American Lung Association conducted a recent survey reporting a whopping 34.8% of high school students, as

well as 12.8% of middle school students.. None of these teens were of legal age to purchase cigarettes. 3,000 adolescents will smoke their first cigarette today. Approximately 80% of adult smokers started smoking before the age of 18, and nearly half will not put them down. Eventually, one-third of these kids will die of smoking-related diseases. Among teens between the ages of 13-15, about 1 in 5 smokes worldwide. Between 80,000 and 100,000 children start smoking daily; half of which live in Asia.


Do The Math:

The Tobacco industry spends annually $8.4 billion on marketing. Marketing most often directed at giving the impression that smoking is cool.


The national rate of High School students who smoke is 34.8%. Over 53,000 kids (under 18) become new daily smokers each year. National youth smoking rates remain at a historical high.


We have done the math for you!!


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