Welcome to the Laser Therapy Group . We are helping people to live healthier, longer, happier lives. The treatment is completely painless using a low level laser. In 25 minutes you too can become smoke free! A low level laser is also known as a therapeutic or cold laser. The treatment is painless and non invasive. The points that we work on are on the ears (auricular points), hands, wrist, legs, and feet (meridian points). It is a very relaxing and pleasant treatment. Most clients will become so relaxed, they will fall asleep.

We work on three different areas with the treatment. First, we treat points for the addiction to nicotine, to help block your body's need for that drug; second, we treat weight reducer points to help control your appetite and avoid excessive weight gain; and third we treat a lot of stress and relaxation points to help avoid the withdrawal symptoms that you would normally experience if you tried to quit on your own, such as irritability, getting angered, etc. We try to take away all the negative feelings and make it a smooth transition for you.
Our Certified Technicians will work one on one with you to help you reach your goals quickly, safely, and effectively. Contact me today for a Smoke Free and Weight loss consultation today.

NOTE: Before embarking on any weight control or stop smoking program, contact your physician.